Future of Technology Summits Calling Student Volunteers! Volunteer to define future

Why attend FOTS?

Do you want to learn how technology is shaping our future?
Do you want to spread the message of tech impact to education community?
Do you feel passionate about emerging technologies?
If your answer is YES to any of the above, then you want to volunteer at the upcoming Future of Technology Summit DC

“What is in there for me”?

We are Future of Technology Summits, a global ecosystem connecting innovators from public sector, private sector and policy makers. Student volunteers can learn various aspects of fast changing technologies from the top leaders. Networking and contact opportunities with the speakers.


1. Bring thought leadership to influential cities around the world

The most innovative and intuitive leaders of today and tomorrow will help us explore the benefits—and challenges—of integrating some of today’s most exciting technical advancements in our companies, industries, economies and our personal lives. Whether you are a lover of technology, all out accepting and absorbing all things new and innovative or if you a cautious skeptic always thinking of a practical balance that these fast-changing technologies should bring, based on principles and ethics, you’ll find the speakers’ candid approach on topics like AI, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and other headline trends to be refreshing.

2. Bring innovators, investors, decision makers and consumers together around the technologies of the future

The Future of Technology Summit aims to bring innovators, investors, decision makers and consumers together to understand and discuss the ground-breaking future technologies, expand opportunities, build new relationships, find business partners, get capital and more.

3. Build an enduring partnership between the autism community and tech leadership

The organizers of the Future of Technology Summit have resolved to create a bridge between the autism community and technology leadership to jointly identify challenges to help improve the lives of people with autism around the world for a better future together.

4. Build a platform to promote US innovation around the world

Future of Technology Summit aims to build a global ecosystem to promote US innovation and ecosystem around the world.


Future of Technology Summit DC
Date: April 8-9, 2019
Venue: Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
Address: 1300 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC 20006
Time: 7AM to 7PM

Volunteers must complete a volunteer application form
Volunteers attend the summit free of cost
Volunteers should provide his/her own transportation & accommodation to/from the summit

Volunteer Positions

Registration desk
Spread live stream access to public schools and universities


Certificate of volunteer
Free registration to the summit
Online recognition