Swathi Young

Swathi Young

Chief Product Strategist

TechNotch Solutions
Swathi Young is the founder of TechNotch Solutions, a product management, and technology strategy consulting company.
In her 15+ years of technology experience, she has led 100+ projects globally - Belgium, India and the United States for companies like Amtrak, GE, Oracle and SunGard.

She helped launched web, mobile and SaaS applications that brought in revenue of over $300 million.

She is slightly obsessed with using emerging technologies and help busy executives keep abreast with the latest trends in tech like AI, machine learning, Blockchain and IoT. This led her to be the founder of DC Emerging Technologies, a 1500+ member strong community of innovators in technology and business.

She recently launched a machine learning cyber-security product and is a leading speaker about ethical design in Artificial Intelligence applications.

Her forte lies in connecting the dots between product strategy + customer experience + technology solutions.