Osama Alsaleh

Osama Alsaleh

Entrepreneur & Economic strategist

An entrepreneur, economic strategist and lifelong learner Osama Alsaleh, manages a transformational leadership enterprise, Masterme and a fellowship with Forbes. Throughout his career, Osama has engaged with global market projects in the United States, China, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Mexico.

In addition to this, Osama has held a World Bank Group appointment working with private sector partners as a Digital Governance consultant. From this work, he succeeded in modernizing the World Bank Group’s digital infrastructure and took part in high level discussions with respective ministries of finance and central banks regarding World Bank Group elections. During his time at the World Bank’s Middle East office, Osama worked closely with senior economists assessing feasibility and risk of numerous international loan projects.

In the past year, he had the opportunity to participate and speak at several notable events, including but not limited to the United Nations International Young Leaders Assembly 2018, World Bank Group’s Annual Meeting in 2017, CNN 2016 Election Town Hall and the George Washington University. His expertise is in moral innovative leadership for peace and development, economic prosperity and foreign market analysis.

In 2018, he co-launched a US-based multinational enterprise, MasterMe, that provides government ministries with tools and programs to catalyze a pathway for future leaders. Through his work with Masterme, Osama hopes to continue living out his passion in social impact, entrepreneurship and sustainability. In this upcoming year, he looks forward to beginning his Masters in International Relations and Sustainability at Harvard University as well as continuing his fellowship with Forbes 30 Under 30.