Mehdi Paryavi

Mehdi Paryavi

Digital Economy Authority (DEA)® | Cloud Authority (CLA)® | Data Center Authority (DCA)® | Chairman | Author | Keynote

Mr. Paryavi is the pioneer and authority on the digital economy fundamentals, initiatives, and developments. He is passionate about building better lives for the world’s citizens. He emphasizes on the promising merits of building the right foundations for robust and sustainable digital economies around the globe. Mr. Paryavi has carried out missions and traveled worldwide to carry the message of global harmony, peace, dialog, liberty, and prosperity through the means of fundamental digital transformation of nations and their emergence to the new global stage.

Mehdi is the also the 1st individual to realize the urge, pioneer the concept and advocate for “application-centric” infrastructures. He actively promotes “data” center specialization across industry verticals suited to the application needs. He is a futurist living in the present, a thought leader in advanced concepts of our time, expert strategist, and transitionist. His in-depth understanding of the notions of “data center”, “Cloud”, “IoT”, “AI”, “Big Data” are exemplary. Mr. Paryavi is the Chairman of the International Data Center Authority (IDCA), the
industry community-run organization, which was established to streamline, structure and educate and give direction to the Cloud, Big Data, IoT, AI and Data Center industries. Under his management IDCA has successfully brought together the greatest data center end-user consortium the industry has ever seen. With members such as LinkedIn, AIG, Bloomberg, VISA, Expedia, Microsoft, National Laboratory at Stanford, NBC Universal, Adobe, DocuSign, Vodafone, CBRE, Comcast, U.S. Courts, U.S. State Department and more it has been able to form guidance and provide direction to the industry.

He has led the campaign to bring knowledge, standardization, compliance, best practices, and technological
developments worldwide. Mr. Paryavi is known for his immense experience, thought leadership, visionary strategies, comprehensive expertise, effective methods and systematic, yet fluid approach. Mr. Paryavi has been personally responsible for the training, education, certification and career development of thousands of data center and cloud professionals worldwide.

Mr. Paryavi is also the inventor of the Infinity Paradigm® and the author of the Infinity Paradigm AE360® industry standards framework. Aside from his speeches in conferences, symposiums, lectures, sessions with top officials and discussions at expert assemblies, his advice and strategies are typically used as benchmarks at many government and private institutions. Thus, organizations typically seek his recommendations for best practices and approach towards their long-term planning of cloud, data centers, AI, IT, and data management. Enthusiasts can follow Mehdi’s blogs on or reach him via