Lila Smith

Lila Smith

Creator of the Say Things Better Method of Intentional Communication

Lila Smith is the creator of the Say Things Better method of Intentional Communication. Based on tools she learned in over 10 years as a professional actress with Actors’ Equity Association, Lila’s work now helps people and businesses to communicate effectively. To create movements that stick. To build sustainable relationships. To develop communication processes that neutralize every hidden combustible touchpoint and maximize the impact of your message.

Thanks to a parallel career in e-commerce and marketing, Lila has a deep awareness of the map of digital and offline Communication Touchpoints in a consumer/end user journey. She uses the Say Things Better method now in her consulting work as she helps clients share their value and their values across those touchpoints.

In the entrepreneurial community, Lila’s method and workshops have been embraced and applauded through her mentorship and work with WeWork, Tech Wildcatters, and Tech Fort Worth.

Though based in Dallas and NYC, in 2018, Lila’s international speaking and consulting tour brought her to Toronto, Luxembourg, London, Dublin, Lisbon, Geneva, and Sofia. Throughout these travels, Lila tested Say Things Better across industries and cultures, and has found the method universally applicable without modification.

At the Future of Technology Summit, Lila will speak about Tech-Powered Intentional Communication. With every existing and future technology, there is the opportunity for connection, and therefore for impact.

Lila will also lead a breakout workshop on Communication Mapping- taking any project and determining what needs to be communicated, to whom, and how, within the Say Things Better framework, to maximize your success.