Amit Dhingra

Amit Dhingra

Founder of Phytelligence Inc.

Amit Dhingra worked for his Ph.D. at the University of Delhi, India and Rutgers University, New Jersey supported by fellowships from the University Grants Commission and The Rockefeller Foundation, USA, respectively. After his post-doctoral training at Rutgers, University of Central Florida and University of Florida, he joined Washington State University in 2006 where he is currently a Full Professor of Genomics and Biotechnology and also serves as the Chair of the Entrepreneurial Faculty Ambassadors Program, a presidential level task force.

The Dhingra research program investigates important biological processes in plants relevant to the current and future needs of agriculture. The knowledge gained is translated to crop improvement through various approaches. He has published more than 50 papers in high impact peer reviewed refereed journals. He serves on the editorial board of four internationally reputed plant science journals, and has been awarded two US and one NZ patents on regulating ripening in fruits to reduce post-harvest wastage. Dr. Dhingra’s research has been featured in the New York Times, The Atlantic, BBC, The Times of London and several other news outlets.

Amit is the Founder of Phytelligence Inc. (, an agriculture biotechnology spin off out of Washington State University. Phytelligence is an agricultural biotechnology company that is revolutionizing the way food crops are grown by developing and commercializing innovative solutions for growers. Phytelligence is headquartered in Seattle with locations in Pullman, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

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